Services of the Central Library

  • In special cases the Central Library arrange to bring journal articles from other IITs and universities for faculty members of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

  • The Central Library delivers photocopies of journal articles to other institutes and universities based on the demand and under the consideration of the library authority.

  • The Central Library provides the facility of providing remote access to e-resources of the library outside the IIT(ISM) Dhanbad campus. The service is Id/ Password-based. The library provides VPN based remote access facility

  • All library staff are helpful to provide necessary assistance to the library users. The library professionals at different sections assist the library users. The Central Library provides OPAC terminals and WebOPAC to search, and browse the bibliographic resources of the library. Library fines can be paid online through ‘Library Fine Submission’ link.

  • The Central Library has a good collection of reference sources such as reference books, print journals, e-books, e-journals and reference materials like dictionaries, handbooks, directories, etc. The Central Library provides reference services to the library users for their academic, research and recreation purposes.

  • Each floor are facilitated with seat and study facilities.The outer reading hall allows the students to bring their personal books and other documents for study and academic activities.

  • The Central Library is fully wifi enabled for connecting to the Internet and accessing library’s resources. Access is Id/ password protected.